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BrailleNote Touch Version 5.0 Release Notes

As usual, BrailleNote Touch version 5 is a free update for existing BrailleNote Touch users.
Simply ensure your Touch is connected to the internet and you should receive a notification that a system update is available.
If you do not receive such a notification, you can manually start the update by opening KeyUpdater from the "All Applications" menu.

New Features:

Full QWERTY Support (Bluetooth / USB).

Bluetooth and USB keyboards navigation and input.

Full QWERTY support is now available for both navigation and input. You can now use either a Bluetooth or USB keyboard with your chosen language keyboard layout.
For more information on pairing your Bluetooth Keyboard, please refer to the "BrailleNote Touch FAQs".

Switch between your chosen keyboard layouts.

If you have configured multiple keyboard layouts, simply use the common Android command CTRL + SPACE to toggle between them.
There are several different keyboard layouts which are supported by Android. Please refer to the "BrailleNote Touch FAQs" for more information on adding additional keyboard layouts.

One-Handed mode.

Fixes and Enhancements:


Fixed renaming a file when using Grade 2. Previously, we always used to receive a message about changing the file extension. This has now been removed and users are now able to rename a file with the extension with no interruption.

Media control shortcuts.

KeySoft now supports limited global commands for different media players to control functions such as play/pause from outside the application.
The following global commands are used; however, the behaviour of media players depends on the preferences available to the individual media application.


Other Various improvements.

Lowered the gain on the internal microphone to improve audio quality.